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Next time you are practicing a certain skill, I want to recommend taking a different approach.

Once you believe you understand something, I mean truly understand what you are being asked, instead of “thinking” your way through the move- “feel” your way through it.

For example, when working on creating separation in your swing or in a throw, you are simply separating your lower body from your upper body by turning in opposite directions to create torque(power). Many players will try to think of how to do this as opposed to just going for it. It is your body anyways, correct? You have been occupying your body for a good amount of time to know what separating as described above would mean.

Put simply,  a person who thinks is simply judging themselves within the move they are making which will result in less than successful results more often than not. A person who feels their way through gets where they want to be faster and is more consistent over time.


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