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Satellite Guidance

In Season Satellite Guidance Hero

“The TK In Season Satellite Guidance Program is designed to get help on the go because it can be logistically difficult to get into our facility for a workout during the season.

Our experience is that most of the adjustments needing to be made in games can be minor. They can be hard to pinpoint though and it tends to lead to overthinking and causes for longer periods of struggle.

This service enables you to take video of anything in the game(at bats, pitching, fielding, baserunning…etc) and send it over to us. You can also ask questions by email or phone call. We then can get back to you within 48 hours to help you get back on track.

We launched this program as a way to make the season more enjoyable in the end.

The investment is $299 and runs the months April-July of that year’s season.

Once purchased, you can begin corresponding with us immediately.

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