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For parents of children under the age of 12, please contact us to sign up for our prerequisite workshop. Young players often do a lot correct and it’s a team effort in guiding them on what is correct and what needs improvement. This workshop led by Brian Barca will provide you the proper information and professional direction in handling your child’s baseball/softball development. Parents will save time and money in this unique workshop that puts their child on a path of success. Should you want to move forward with instruction after the workshop, it can then be discussed with a TK representative.

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Are you looking to drastically improve your team’s ability to retain critical information needed to succeed at the plate? Have your most important questions answered and learn the swing pattern details of the most efficient hitters in baseball and softball today. You and your staff will have the opportunity to swing a bat yourself under the guidance of Brian Barca, review video and walk away with the confidence that you can implement the same hitting and mental preparation principles taught at TK. This coaches workshop is a requirement for any team looking for TK to work directly with an organization’s players.

Availability for coaching workshops is limited. Call 412.848.8366 to improve your team’s offense today!