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Workshop FAQ’s

Parents/Guardians Workshops FAQ’s


Q: What are the benefits of a TK Parents/Guardians Workshop?

A: A lot is required of a player outside of their time at TK to improve quickly and sustain success. People pay a premium for quality private instruction.  A Parents/Guardians workshop protects your investment. You’ll find clarity in the most difficult aspects of the game. For the cost of about 4 private workouts, you receive information for a lifetime that translates outside of the games of baseball and softball.

Q: What is discussed in a TK Parents/Guardians Workshop?

A: Main topics of focus include Mental Approach, Timing and Mechanics. At the beginning of the session, the most pressing questions from the group are collected to make sure that we cover those accordingly. The workshop will take place in the classroom as well as the cages/field area.

Q: What makes TK different?

A: Training KAMP (TK) is one of the most sought after baseball and softball educations. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, TK works with players from around the country, helping them reach their potential through a unique training program. It is an education that guides players to understand the detailed physical aspects of the game and what it takes to play confidently on a consistent basis.

Q: What type of details does TK provide not found in most baseball/softball training?

A: Did you know that most players at all levels struggle at some point because of their breathing? Trying to be confident? Getting stuck thinking negatively? Every move we make matters and must have a reason. The biggest takeaway will be understanding “what works, what doesn’t work and why ” in the present moment and the right order to diagnose struggles while maintaining the good a player is already doing. Most baseball/softball is taught mechanically first which is actually third most important aspect. If mechanics are taught primarily, this will negatively affect a player’s development almost immediately.

Q: Do I need to continue with private training after a TK Parents/Guardians Workshop?

A: Absolutely not. As a parent of three young children himself, this workshop was specifically designed by Brian Barca to give parents/guardians the confidence that they do not need to pay thousands of dollars on training while the child is of a younger age. Should they want to move forward with it after the workshop, it can be discussed, but it is not a requirement.

Q: When do TK Parents/Guardians Workshops occur?

A: Parents/Guardians workshops are ongoing throughout the year.

Q: Do both parents/guardians need to attend?

A: No, however, if both would like to, the investment covers the second participant at no additional charge.

Q: Everything sounds great. What are my next steps in terms of getting started?

A: Contact TK Baseball & Softball at 412-848-8366 or email us at We will then provide you with more information with a detailed outline as well as investment.