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It seems each and every day people are trying to reform something. We find this in regards to baseball too. People want to teach the physical mechanics only in this way or that way. In reality, wouldn’t it be better if these two things were taught first?

  1. Leading
  2. Solving Interesting Problems

There are many who say that certain people are “born leaders” and that just isn’t true. You are a product of your environment. Your child is a product of their environment. Want your kid to be a leader? Show them how to lead. The best way to do that.


Let them watch you do the work you do in a way that they don’t need motivated to do theirs. They catch on because of course…they are a product of their environment.

The second focus of course is to learn to solve interesting problems. There in lies what stands before any player. They have a problem. They need to get better AND better than their peers. To solve this interesting problem, you must know there isn’t a problem at all. The world tells you there is a problem when you can’t do this or that on the field. The truth is, you should be saying, I have years to get better. So where do you go from here?

Work hard. Fail. Grow. Work some more. Fail some more. Grow again. At the end of your journey, if you’ve done this, what you thought was a problem will most likely be solved. You will have realized that what everyone else saw as a problem allowed you to stay ahead of the game and not bound up by all the external circumstances that tend to keep others from reaching their full potential.

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