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Here is a simple math problem (baseball style) for you to take a swing at…

Any situation + a negative mindset = ?

How many of you said that the answer to this problem posed above is such things as FAILURE, a BAD RESULT or a PROBLEM?

If so, consider the truth that the answer really is that it equals an “ILLUSION OF A PROBLEM” because there really isn’t an issue.

The fact is that we as human beings tend to see things as “we are”, not as “they really are” so when we have a negative mindset or one that is insecure, we tend not to look at any situation as a new chance to succeed, but rather a downward spiral of situations that they believe will cause them to fail again.

Let’s take another minute to look at this math “Opportunity” again, with one minor change shall we?

Any situation + a positive(secure) mindset = ?

You guessed it..


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