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We don’t tend to think of life events or situations that occur in our life in terms of neutrality. Your “life” itself is constant while your life situations are neutral.

However, we usually judge and/or assign our life situations a value: positive or negative (ex. homerun vs. strike out), good or bad (diving play vs. diving miss), helpful or hurtful (being strong vs. being weak). While most of us think that these external circumstances actually happen “to” us (ex. a SLUMP),  in truth –  they don’t. They are just happening. All life situations are just happening.

Granted, we play a role in the outcome of whatever it is we face, but regardless of our role whether happy or disappointed, the nature of all circumstances or results in life is unbiased.

More precisely, if you can sense this difference between what goes on in the outside world (your life situations) and the resolute nature of your inner world(your life), you’ll be to handle not only the ups and downs on the baseball field, but in other areas of your life as well. Everything that occurs in our lives is meant to show us the way, not get in our way and it is up to us to make that choice. Bottom line – you are not regulated by your external circumstances.

An easier way to explain this is when you haven’t had a hit in 20 at bats and you hit a single to center, you ARE NOT out of your slump. The world would tell you that because that’s how they have defined it. The truth is that those hitless at bats never controlled you to begin with. They were neutral, just happening, not really happening to you.

That’s the beauty of baseball. You can fail 7 times out of 10 and be considered good. I can show you the guy who goes 0-10 at the plate and is good. 10 balls hit on the barrel of the bat extremely hard – and all caught.

Remember it’s…


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