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If there is one thing a player needs to know, it’s that they “belong.”

Let’s face it – we go through our lives hoping we can belong to “this” group or belong to “that” group. That is the problem though – we only hope. Understanding that you are good enough in the first place is easier said than done, but that is only because of the terms the world has placed on us as human beings. When we were extremely young, say 2 years old, those things didn’t matter as our innocence prevailed. However, as we grew older, we became more literal and people began assigning a value to everything we did. As a result, we began questioning our very existence sometimes in the present moment.

“I belong.” Go on and say it.

“I belong on this team. I belong in this class. I belong at this job.”

Be present where you are at and not anywhere else. You have a right to take up the space you occupy at this very moment.”

You belong.

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